Hilko's BX GT

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Hilko's BX GT

Post by hilko16tzi » Wed Sep 09, 2009 5:55 pm


my name is Hilko, 36 years old and living in The Hague.
My occupation is mecanic in fire extinguishers and hosereels.
I'm a Citroën driver for over 5 years in a row now, BX only.
Currentley my drive is a BX 14 from 1989 in quite a nice color: EEGcR, which seems to be known as "Brun Castor". As far as i can tell it's the only BX excisting in this color in Holland, maybe even in Europe.

For the idea:

This car, known to dutch BX-fans as "Besje", was a complete basic model.
I upgraded it with electric windows, central doorlock, a better shaped brown interior and, of course, a complete gti dash.
More plans are making it semi-automatic or a complete change of the engine and transmision (from TU to XU with a ZF 4HP14) 8)

Well then, nice to meet you guys. More (pics) later to come.
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Post by Tim Leech » Wed Sep 09, 2009 7:52 pm

Welcome, I like the colour! 8)
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Post by hilko16tzi » Sat May 01, 2010 5:44 pm

Time flies :oops:

Meanwhile Besje is sold. Not because I wanted to sell her, but my knees where not suitable of driving a car with a clutch pedal all the time.

At this moment I'm planning to bring my 1986 GT back alive. Will be quite a quest, but I'm optimistic... Hope to drive the car in spring 2011.





Under the bonnet all is quite well, only the carburettor is broken.
The plan is to swap the inlet manifold to one from a 1900 multipoint injection (D6A engine) This should be able with a 159A engine. The engine itself has run 159000 km's and is in good shape. Same goes for the clutch and the gearbox.
The interior of the car will be fitted in type 2 GTi trim. This means a lot of overhauling, but it will be worthwile. At the end the car will tecnically be a 1986 BX GTi, fitted with a type 1 nose. And a little less horsepower.

To-do list:

Subframe swap
Rust cleaning and conservation
Inlet manifold
And many more...
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