Brake problem

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Brake problem

Post by deltic » Wed Sep 11, 2019 10:08 pm

Probably not not something that can be diagnosed online but I'll ask anyway just in case anyone has any bright ideas, particularly given there is a little urgency as I'm heading off on the Challenge three weeks tomorrow.

Earlier this year I had the LHM, front and accumulator spheres changed at which point there was some travel in the brake pedal and therefore some delay in the brakes working. On bleeding the brakes again I initially thought that there was some improvement but then though better of it. The brakes work fine but I do not like that delay! Thus, I asked a local garage to try bleeding the brakes again, however they were concerned that there might be leak at or near the brake doseur/master cylinder and not being terribly au fait with Citroen hydraulics they didn't want to open a can of worms (or octopuses?!) and do any more work on the car. They seemed to think that it could be the doseur and/or a leak causing the problem. Strangely enough driving home from the garage this evening the brakes seemed to feel closer to normal...

As I was already suspicious that there might be a leak do you think that the best course of action might well be to change both the doseur and octopus bearing in mind both are at least 17 years old if not original?

Thanks in advance...
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