144, 000 mile service coming up.

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Post by DLM » Thu Dec 21, 2006 6:22 pm

Apologies for coming in with that glib phrase "the approved way" of lifting the engine. I was tight for time and couldn't explain what I meant, which was any safe method that puts no stress or strain on the driveshafts, or any other vital parts (like the mechanic).

After initial lifting onto stands, my method is to undo the timing-belt side engine mount after securely supporting the engine under the sump, using a bit of wood as the meat in a sump-jack sandwich. For once, Haynes describes it well, though I can't remember exactly where.

Get axle-stands or similar in once you can get them underneath, rather than the jack - which is of course only for lifting, unless it's got a very secure lock and you're the trusting type.

Even without undoing the bottom mounting (which I'm reluctant to do after my last experience with one), it makes a little more room for fingers around the octopus area.

Drive-shaft out gives a lot more room.
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Post by docchevron » Fri Dec 22, 2006 2:31 am

roscoe wrote:Thanks Chris
I'll have to do some serious de-greasing under there first and find all the ends of the octopus before I start pulling things apart. Also have to make sure I can get one here from a Citroen stealer - haven't got a lot of faith that they'll have one in stock in the country or want to order one in (at a reasonable cost)!

BTW, have you managed to pop the oil temp sensor in the post (the used one)?

cheers, Brian
I can get a new octopus for about £20 if you get stuck mate.

Yeah the sensor left these shores early last week, Would have thought you'd have it by now?? Whats the ususal postage time to oz?? I've had various things go missing in the post latley....

If it doesn't arrive soon mate let me know and I'll fire another one over..

Incidentally Tom, I agree. It's easy to spend LOADS of money on a BX without thinking about it! My valvers cost £4500 so far, and thats all at cost price! :shock: The TD's cost way more than that but I've had it a long time, either way I reckon it's still cheaper than buying a new car..

Chris G
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Post by roscoe » Fri Dec 22, 2006 12:19 pm

Cheers Chris
Post times are usually under 5 days but with the extra Christmas load, it's probably twice that so hopefully it'll come in the next day or so. I'll check on octopus availability here and let you know - won't be till the new year though.
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