Naming of car

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Naming of car

Post by mrmrwray » Sun Jul 31, 2005 8:07 pm

Hello all,
just managed to bag some time on the computer at my mums house so thought i would update you all on my car.

After talking with Vanny, I decided to call her Juliet.

Since my last post re dead car, the problem was solved. All it took was a new starter motor and new battery. Should have listened to advice and changed the brushes instead of leaving it to burn out and kill the battery!
I am currently making a list of bits and pieces of work to do on her in the future.
If anyone is interested on what i need to do and what has already been done, I will have to work in conjunction with Vanny to tell you! Although beating the living sh*t out of the front subframe to relocate a bolt to its rightful place was fun!!

Also replaced near side wing mirror (taken off whilst I was at work in Bolton one evening!)

And I have added the bxclub sticker to the inside of the windscreen!

I must admit that I have been more than impressed with Juliet's performance considering the price i paid and must thank several people for helping out so far including Adam for selling her, Vanny for lots of things and the guys in Birmingham for all the 16v seats and spare parts.

Juliet is due for her MOT next month. Is there anything in particular I need to check up on that is common to J reg, 1.4 St.Tropez's?

Also been told about a couple of potential mods to improve performance. One is to change carb to ax gt one (twin webber?) and the other is to change the gear box to ax gt one as well. Now I have a bad memory so might have got some minor details wrong their (like the donor car!) but does anyone have any comments? :?

Also it would be nice to meet up for some stories and proper beer sometime if anyone is up for it? :D
In Billy's old diesel and still going strong!

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Post by Vanny » Sun Jul 31, 2005 9:59 pm

You need to get the fkin rear bearings done if we can find some none shagged arms (non ABS of course!), N/S is totally bolloxed and looks more like an upside down keyhole than a nice cylindrical hole!

The LeMans BX16v interior came curtesy of Andy C along with various other bits off old BX16v's.

Biggest improvement todat was probably that accumulator change (by hand!) totally changed the BX from a boat to a car! Must admit i never knew they made such a difference!

Mat is generally in Bury so not too far from Liverpool/Fleetwood/Llangollen/Preston/Cheshire so it would seem sensible to have a meet at some point (that covers at least 6 people if i walk ;)