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Post by OwenS » Fri Aug 05, 2005 3:47 pm

Hey guys.

Just thought I'd ask if anyone knew what reasonable quote to have a BX (14 tge '90) totally repiped. Mine doesn't need it yet, as far as im aware of!!!! Just thought i'd ask out of interest.

Also im aiming to replace my ZX with my BX as my daily runner as im covering more motorway miles I thought that the BX would make a better companion, incidentally is it true that hydropneumatic cars are less prone to crosswinds (eg being deflected off course by overtaking lorry/bus etc? or does this just apply to the centre point steering models?

As my BX maybe covering considerably more miles I also wanted to know are there any faults/issues I should be wary of with the 1360cc K1G engine?

So far its been re-sphered and accumulator'd, hydraflushed, re-lhm'd and had service (spark plugs, fuel, air, oil filter, gtx magnatex oil) new rad cap and is going to have struts done (front) and rad flush and fresh (Citroen antigel) coolant before returning to road. I am considering changing thermostat and rad fan switch while coolant change is happening although is all seems fine, just thought it maybe wise as these items maybe upto 15 years old so wouls cut down likelyhood of future problems...I maybe wrong?
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Post by Oscar » Fri Aug 05, 2005 6:42 pm

Definitely worth changing thermostat, rad fan switch and bottom hose if you have the opportunity. As far as a quote goes - most of us do the work ourselves, so we can probably tell you how long, or what kind of swearwords are most appropriate, but not a quote.... : )


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Post by Stewart (oily!) » Fri Aug 05, 2005 7:11 pm

Its not really worth doing a total re-pipe, many of them live in the pampered environment of the underbonnet, just do the front to rears, rear brakes, front brakes and rear suspension ones and it should be about right, use genuine cit ones and they even give clues as to where they go.
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