Diesel Injection Pumps.

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Diesel Injection Pumps.

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I have been reading from an earlier topic when Mr W was having problems with his beloved ( car obviously) and although it did look like a pump problem, people were suggesting that he change the pump to a Bosch one. So I assume he's on a Lucas/CAV.

Now I have tried this one myself on 3 seperate occasions without success, I changed the pump, injectors and pipes, refited timing belt or replaced with new one and fired up. Result, engine runs very badly with no power at all. Recheck timing, still the same. :evil:

I have tried this on 2 BXs and one Pug205 same result. On the 205 I took pump and injectors (matched set) straight off another car. but still no good. :(

Does anyone know whats wrong. I have broken a few BXs and always taken the pumps off (usualy Bosch) but when a pump fails on a running car, sods law it usualy CAV/Lucas. The last time I tried it I vowed never to waste my time again. :twisted:

Just to add these were NA diesels, not turbo ones. Anyone else found this?
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I have successfully swapped bosch for lucas (alternative mounting stud holes) and replaced pumps with "other" pumps in the past, occasionally I have been lucky, merely aligning the new pump to the dirty mark left by the old one, on other occasions I have had to tweak the timing on the slotted mounting holes to make the engine run well, the difference between a bad starting smoky gutless heap and a smooth sweet engine is often only a couple of degrees, To really do the job properly a DTI and suitable mounting bracket is needed but as I usually have more time than money I have yet to resort to buying one.
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Post by AndersDK »

Got the same experience as OilySpanner :

It's like a couple of hairthin lines difference that makes an oozy woodpecker into a smooth runner.
Replacing a diesel roto pump is never just replacing or swapping ... :roll:
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