Engine Bay Smoke!!!

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Engine Bay Smoke!!!

Post by Tim2cv » Tue Aug 30, 2005 6:45 pm

Hey, been tinkering tonight again with the 16v, was supposed to be doing the CV boot but ive noticed the bottom rubber thing above the lower ball joint is also split, Greece on Thursday means it can wait.

However, after having a little (mile or 2) drive around the block i came home, parked on the drive and opened the bonnet. Put it to high and as i opened the bonnet i was greeted with loads of grey smoke coming from the right hand end (from the front) of the rear of the top of the engine, from under that water? pipe that runs along the back. It doesnt smell like burning oil (i think) but smells more like plastic? (not good with smelling stuff). I am a little bit worried but it only seems to do it once the car gets hot and I have just parked up at home. Ive tried using the mirror on a stick but no luck yet in sourcing whats burning.

Any ideas at all?


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Post by Stewart (oily!) » Tue Aug 30, 2005 7:06 pm

sounds like something is touching the exhaust manifold?
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Post by AlanS » Tue Aug 30, 2005 11:23 pm

I get a bit of this with mine occasionally and in my case it's oil and as I use a full synthetic, it doesn't seem to smell like the old mineral stuff used to.
Trying to totally seal off those rocker cover gaskets is almost impossible due to their design. The bolts are not bolts as we know them but have got a set length between the underside of the head to the upper face of the head where they bolt in, as a result there is only a limited amount they can ce spannered down before you snap the head off the bolt. I reckon a lot of leaks comes from around the actual bolt head and I have often thought that perhaps small "O" rings slid under the heads of the bolts and mangled down inside the hole may be a way of getting a thorough seal.
As the leaks are usually more like a seeping than a dribbling, it can sometimes also take a while before the oil makes it to the section just behind the engine pipe by which time it has colleceted a few other ingredients to also give it a strange smell, but you can almost guarantee it will be oil.

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