Panel beating!! Finally...

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Panel beating!! Finally...

Post by Kingswell » Fri Jan 05, 2007 3:22 am

My mum got in an accident a little while back in her 106. Wasn't her fault, someone tried to enter a roundabout whilst she was already on it. Her passenger side wing is dented and the indicator is smashed. The insurance surveyor has agreed to pay for all the damages (including a scratch which wasn't obtained during the accident). So now on Monday the panel beater is dropping by to take a look at it.

While he'll be here he's going to look at the dent on my car also and give me an estimate. I also found some side runners in the garage. Apparently my dad had fitted them to the car a while back and removed then when they were damaged. So I'm also going to ask the panel beater if he can repair and re-spray them so that they can be fitted to the car once more. I've looked at them on the car and I think they look good. I also want to remove the current "silly" hup-caps and locate some of the original ones.

Regarding my mechanical work, the smoke seems to have died down a bit but not gone away so I'm gonna let it be for a little while longer. However a new radiator is certainly needed so thats going to be my next job.
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