BX GTi 8V Camshaft

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BX GTi 8V Camshaft

Post by PrutsyLJ » Tue Jan 09, 2007 9:12 pm

Hi there fellow BX enthousiasts!

I just spotted a camshaft of a 1905CC BX/309/ GTi 8V on the british Ebay. I might be interested in it but; i'm not sure if it's a camshaft out of a clean GTi (like the one i have) with a catalytic converter or a GTi without one.
I thought that in GB the GTi with a catalytic converter never has been available. In that case i want the camshaft to put it in my XU9JA-DKZ engine. The camshaft of the "dirty" BX GTi has more grunt as mine. So could anyone tell me if this is a XU9JA-D6A or a XU9JA-DKZ camshaft?? The engine codes i use are based on the ones that are familiar in Holland so maybe you guys never heard of them. Anyway i'm hoping you guys could share some light on this case :lol:
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Post by tom » Tue Jan 09, 2007 9:17 pm

Our GTI and TZI models were available with catalytic converters from about 1991 and so it is not easy to tell. You may need part numbers to find out if this is the cam for you.
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