Wahey! I`ve got indicators and it`s all thanks to.......

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Wahey! I`ve got indicators and it`s all thanks to.......

Post by cavmad » Sun Sep 25, 2005 9:31 pm

Vanny, the super hero of all things BX. Incase anyone else suffers the same flipping nightmare I`ve had with indicators I strongly recommend checking the relays! That`s all it turned out to be after weeks of me cursing and being abused by other drivers. As luck would have it I had a spare car (309 Pug) knocking about and Vanny simply took the relay off it put it into the Bx and Bob`s your auntie`s fella.
I should have thought to have tried the age old adage of trying the simple things first but I`m truly truly gtareful to Vanny and everyone else for you help in my weeks of need.
John, let me know what I owe you for the bulb holder please and Vanny hope you managed to get a couple of bevvies :wink:
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Post by ken newbold » Sun Sep 25, 2005 10:47 pm

I take it then "you don't want to sell it cheap now". Theres another one I missed out on. :lol:
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