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Post by Doz » Wed Feb 21, 2007 7:54 pm

AlanS wrote: As regards the checking of the spark on the 1.6 engine; almost in line with the distributor towards the radiator, you'll see a bunch of pipes and wires and if you can seperate them enough to see what's below them, you'll find the clutch bellhousing and a sight hole through the top.
Alan S
If you're really unlucky (like me) you won't have a hole , but a cast grille that is almost impossible to see though....

Patience ... is that it , no... is that it, no ... is THAT it ?? .....
I initially had mine set to 10deg ... it's now set at 8 , but I have ongoing fuel consumtion issues ....last tank returned 23 MPG ... and that's driven carefully. I'm running out of ideas...

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Post by AlanS » Wed Feb 21, 2007 9:30 pm

Tuning that 1.6 carby engine is almost an art form, but if done properly it comes up great.
Mine used to go close enough to 30MPG around town and 40MPG on a run when I had it tuned right. It took me ages to get it right and I have written up what I did on several occasions, I think from memory on a few occasions in the past on Andyspares which is now on FCF. Might be quicker for you to do a search than me to re-write it all, but basically it consists of taking everything back to original as regards hoses from hotboxes etc goes, setting the float by trial and error, fitting quality fuel filters and using Premium fuel.
I would suggest you take another even closer look for the timing hole as IIRC mine also had that grille thing moulded into the casting, but it also had the hole and believe me, I was also of the opinion that it didn't exist either; got to be the most ridiculous place I have ever seen one. Once it's eventually found, you wonder why you couldn't see it before, but you have to really reorganise all the stuff that's down there covering it and you won't see it with anything less than an extremely powerful spotlight.
If you time through that grille thing, I'm fairly certain your timing will be out to blazes.

Alan S
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Post by mnde » Tue Feb 27, 2007 4:50 pm

There's still something wrong. I couldn't dispatch a big dumper truck on an uphill joining slip road to the A3. And that was foot flat to the floor in 2nd gear and no passengers!! I bet that 1.4 St Tropez I was driving a while back would have managed it easily (with a new clutch).

Either that or that truck had some mighty grunt!

I'll see how it goes after it's got through a tankful of Shell V-Power. I have to say it is running a lot better in the cold mornings since I reconnected the vacuum hose and changed the HT leads a couple of weeks ago.

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