Progress on 17 RD D526 WCW at MAR 07

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Progress on 17 RD D526 WCW at MAR 07

Post by jrdpod » Tue Mar 06, 2007 8:08 pm

New clutch now fitted. Old one wasn't worn out, but the release bearing had failed. While this was being done, a hydraulic pipe broke. This was the one feeding the front n/s sphere, where the pipe bends and is bolted to the iner wing by a metal plate. Because there are two different metals touching here, it is a rust trap. A new pipe was sourced from the local Citroen dealer, but the first one was too short, as some BXs have a "hydraulic junction box" in the engine bay, while others (like mine) have it under the floor. All this is now done, and the bill came to £330. The work was completed by a friend/independant mechanic.

I have some other pre MOT jobs to do.
These are:
Welding front n/s on an outrigger.
Welding rear o/s on a strut.
Refitting the inner cover on the rear o/s brake drum (complicated by a retaining bolt snapping off).
Renewing front o/s lower ball joint (have sourced one from Euro Car Parts for £8.99 + VAT).
Unblock washer jets.
I'm also cleaning out the air filter hoses, more of which is explained in a separate posting.

There are also some minor things to sort out.
Renew rear and n/s engine mounts.
Secure a number of hydraulic and pipes and bottom engine hose.

John Podgorski/jrdpod.
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