lhm leak

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lhm leak

Post by bill o » Mon Mar 12, 2007 7:44 pm

i have a minor leak on my tzd, it only looses a small amount but makes a mess.it appears to come from the end of the pressure regulator unit as fluid appears to come out between the end and the mounting bracket. none of the pipes are leaking .i suspected the f d v but this is completely dry. any thoughts on this . i have a spare unit and on looking at this i notice the end plate is held by a circlip.has anyone had this problem or taken one of these to pieces.thanks in advance for any help .
i read the posts regularly and these have helped me do many jobs which i would have hesitated to tackle.ie rear arms .lower ball joints etc

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Post by jeremy » Mon Mar 12, 2007 9:01 pm

Firstly there is no overhaul kit for the regulator - unlike the FDV.

You will find the official workshop manual on the link below - with some useful cut away diagrams. The plunger secured by the circlip will have to be depressed before the clip can be removed and then if you're lucky the plunger will come out and its 'O' ring can be replaced if you can find one of the right size. If the thing is like a FDV (which this bit is but much larger) polishing the bore of the cylinder ahead of the circlip before removing it will make the job easier.

http://www.rwbsmith.plus.com/citroen2/H ... aulics.pdf