Flippin' electric windows - why bother?

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Flippin' electric windows - why bother?

Post by Oscar »

Last Sunday, SWMBO and I were heading off for a walk. She put the window down to adjust the passenger side mirror for me, but it wouldn't go up. Thumping the door didn't work, so I switched off the engine and fetched the toolbox...

This is the scenario:
The window will go down, but not back up. At the bottom of its travel, when you press the passenger side "down" switch, a clunk is heard as the motor activates and then cuts out (as the window is all the way down). Nothing at all happens when you press the "up" switch.

Using a "connectivity meter" (piece of wire that I used to bridge the rad fan thermoswitch just after I bought the car, and that has been kicking around in the toolbox ever since) I found out the following: there is power in both directions in the passenger side switch; there is power in only one direction (down) at the connectors to the motor. I didn't investigate the driver's side switch, but there is no reaction, not even a clunk.

I solved the immediate problem by taking the connectors out of the plastic whatsit and reversing them on the motor, thus enabling us to raise the window when the "down" switch was pressed, and eliminating the motor as the problem.

So - there is a problem between the passenger side switch and the motor. Does anyone have any clues? Or even better, any techniques that I can use to track the fault down? I know little about electrics and can't remember any of the physics I was taught, much to my shame...


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Post by cavmad »

Yes, mine does that. Check the wiring on the driver`s door where it goes through the rubber gromitty thing. The wires stretch when the door opens and closes and as a result they break/fray. The wire which operates the `up` part of the n/s window runs through there and it`s quite likely that`s the problem. It`s certainly the problem with my car if that helps!
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Post by sleepy0905 »

check the rubber trunk between the door and body this is common you may find more than one brocken wire mine did this on the passengerside and i found 6 brocken wires on the driverside . :cry:
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Post by tom »

The driver's door switch may also be the culprit.