N/S steering rack boot

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N/S steering rack boot

Post by sleepy0905 » Tue Nov 15, 2005 2:25 pm

well i have done it today what a b****rd of a jobi used a universal boot which is bigger in diameter than normal but i still had to remove the axial joint and undo the rack to get it on. I had a cone made by a friend to stretch it on but i just could not get enough room to work with the cone so that idea was ditched. Does anyone else have any ideas as i have used the levers technique before but on this ocasion you just cannot get the levers in. :evil: :roll:
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Post by AlanS » Tue Nov 15, 2005 8:40 pm

We managed one out here but it warn't easy. :roll:
I bought mine from another Cit owner who works for a company that handle a universal stretch variety that are made in Germany. The genuine Citroen ones may just as well be made of cast iron; you'd have as much chance of stretching them. His suggestion was to firstly have a cut down cone as it is impossible to get them over that 6 inch diameter of the fullsize ones. Spray the outer of the cone with silicone spray. Cover the cone with plastic sheeting of a reasonably heavy quality but spray the inside of the plastic sheet with silicone spray also. Spray the inside of the gaitor with silicone spray as well as the outsite upper section of the plastic sheeting on the outside.
Then, grunt, snort, push, twist, (occasional fart) heave and (in our case anyway) we slid a couple of screwdrivers under the edge to lever it along. This was considered a bit gung ho by some bemused onlookers, but the logic was that if I ripped it when fitting, I was going to have to take the rack out which is a few hours of nasty work, but if I was lucky, it would make it over and the cost of the boot in my opinion was worth the risk. These stretch boots however, are really tough and it didn't even look like ripping and 3/4 years on, it still looks like new.
The trick is apparently in having all this plastic coated with silicone spray slipping across each other and leverage can be made then on the plastic rather than the rubber to reduce possible damage. According to this guy, this is the system used by mechanics on both these and the CV boots.

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Post by tom » Sat Nov 19, 2005 12:36 pm

The GSF ones fit over the spigot. It is a bit of a stretch but it can be done. The Axial has to come off but the rack doesn't have to.