progress on jrdpod's Meteor

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progress on jrdpod's Meteor

Post by jrdpod » Mon Jul 21, 2008 11:32 pm

Evening All,

Quite a lot of mechanical work recently:
New rear n/s trailing arm.
New front flexi hoses each side.
New brake caliper rear n/s.
Replaced front o/s sphere.
Replaced power steering pump (with thanks to 'Kitch' for supplying a replacement).

Also thanks to Hipwell Motor Engineering for their Assistance.

All related to last MOT.

Also obtained a spare engine that has done only 26K.
Current engine has done 132K and still runs ok, but smokes a bit when cold, which I guess is normal for such a high mileage engine.
Still dosen't use much oil though. It will eventually be overhauled when the time comes to swap engines.

The main work that still needs to be done is the external cosmetics. There are some dented panels to sort out, and an eventual respray will have to happen.
Structurally though, the car is sound, and the interior is good.

I got this vehicle for free as well ! (in 2004), but didn't put it back on the
road until 2007. It is a 1991 J reg.
And it's always been kept in my local area, I'm the 3rd keeper.

John Podgorski.
John R D Podgorski

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Post by Philip Chidlow » Mon Jul 21, 2008 11:51 pm

Excellent. Keep the faith!
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