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Post by AndersDK » Sat Aug 02, 2008 7:42 pm

DLM wrote:The 12-pronged low level indicator relies on a (weak) current passing through the coolant from one prong to the other. I've seen false alarms come from this on a couple of 1.9Ds.

(i) If the prongs become furred-up or otherwise coated, the level light comes on.
(ii) An airlock would also do the same.

Unfortunately, the only way to check is by removing the sensor, which isn't possible without spilling/draining a fair amount of coolant.
Removing the connector plug will do.
This should bring ON the warning light.
Bridging the connector plug should bring the warning OFF.

Note : because of the internal instruments diode logic (for lamp test) you should either remove the oil pressure switch connector - OR - have the engine at idle - to do the above test of the coolant level warning.
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