High fuel consumption etc.

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High fuel consumption etc.

Post by Geoffrey Gould » Sun Nov 20, 2005 7:16 pm

Hello all. Had a problem that showed up quite suddenly.Its a diesel.
Reluctant to start (it always does very easilly!!!) first thing, it did after about 10 seconds and was then ok. Fuel gauge has always been a bit iffy so it was no supprise to "use" over 1/4 of a tank for 60 miles.
Next day it would not start, many pushes on the priming button later it did start sort of. It didnt want to run and was "flat". It has a Bosch pump.
Pinhole in metal fuel line no.
Filter head u/s no.
Remembering it's a Bosch pump, leak off pipes no.
Getting desperate now fuel heater. no.
Clue 20 seconds running = very large pool of fuel running off rear of sump not far from fuel heater.
Realy start to panic now seal on front of pump soaked timing belt etc. no.

Fuel melting tarmac not popular.

Had stopped engine with cut off lever on pump. Heard a whistle that died away.
OK tell you what it was, the throttle spindle and bush on the pump had given up, it was leaking and the fuel was squirting towards the engine block, down the face of the block to the sump flange, round the corner to the rear of the sump and downwards. The throttle shaft had some wear on it but the bush was shot being egg shaped to say the least. It would only leak when in a certain position, about 1/3 open.
I can only say its a BX and why it apeared to be OK one day and develop a heavy leak the next I dont know.
As an aside Bosch pumps seem to be made of gold as the price of a couple of second hand ones, were priced at £450-00 EACH from a dealer in scrap (or should that be crap.)
So give your thing a wiggle now and again, it could be worth it. :roll: :roll:

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Post by adamskibx » Mon Nov 21, 2005 10:19 pm

Hello Geof. I had this problem on mine- It was a 1.9 D (TGD) and it squirted out of the throttle spindle on the Bosch pump. I went to a Bosch pump specialist and quoted the pump number. I then paid 18p for a new rubber oil seal that goes on the throttle spindle shaft groove. It sounds like youve already taken it to bits so you'll know what your doing I expect. As you describe yours as very worn you may need a throttle spindle repair kit rather than just the oil seal but mine had a bit of play in it and its amazing how much fatter the new seals are- It may well sort it out no matter how worn it seems. The hardest part of the job is positioning all the pump internals correctly when refitting the lid to the body. The fact that you say yours only leaks at a certain opening implies that its not too bad and id be 99 % sure a new seal will sort it out for another 50,000 miles.

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Post by Stewart (oily!) » Tue Nov 22, 2005 4:43 pm

Its amazing how leaked fluids travel around isnt it, on the last TD BX I noticed a coolant leak down the back of the engine, investigation revealed it to be coming from behind the cambelt cover, off to the factors for a water pump, still leaking, it turned out to be a core plug behind the fuel pump!, water squirted out, hit the alloy plate holding the pump, ran down onto the sump flange and all the way around, i wouldnt have liked a repair bill for that one from a stealer, four hours labour and 18 pence for the part :)
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