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tim leech


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Hi guys,

TZD is back from the menders and running great, but just need to tidy up the insidea bit so if anyone got a grey steering wheel (mines split) and two unworn tweet grey seat bases (front) please get in touch. Also my hrw and rear wiper push switches are a tad worn too lol Cant figure out how to get them out! tho.

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Mike E (uk)
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Not got a grey one, but I have a nice unworn TD/16V one in black for a tenner +P&P


tim leech

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Thanks mike but my interiors grey and would look a bit daft with a black wheel!

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Tim I found the CAREFUL insertion of a small screwdivers and some gentle leverage will persuade the switches to come out enough for you to pull them out all the way.
I have at least one grey tweed seat base here and may have the steering wheel as well. I`ll try and find out tomorrow and let you know for sure. Could post out or meet half (ish) way for fuel costs only, maybe somewhere around Stoke on the A50/A500?
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If you already have replacements for the switches you can do like billy really does :wink: and grab hold of the and pull while wiggling left to right. Doesnt usually work on the Hazards switch and there is a chance you'll kill them with violence, but the last few i've done like that pretty much fell out :D

tim leech

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Sure can Cavmad many thanks.

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Hi Tim, I have a lot of grey plastic, and some switches if you ever need anything. :D