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Ebay optimist

Post by tom »

Air conditioned saloon LHD with no MOT or working aircon.
Bid to £800 between two zero rated bidders.
Owner reckons he had it advertised elsewhere for £1495 but I could try an offer! I don't think my RHD Mot'd Turbodiesel Estate is worth that and my aircon does work!
Don't spend good money on a donor car. It will cost at least £300 to mend it if you can, condensers which fail are nearly unavailable and your BX will not be worth that much more.

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Post by Ian_Fearn »

I cant believe any BX is worth 1495quid!

In fact its pushing it at 800!

I've been to look at the red BX GTi advertised in the CCC mag by Roger Bradford this weekend. Its a very very nice car but at 795 its damn expensive.

I need to get my mates 16v out of my storage barn so i can buy it though!!!!
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Post by Tim2cv »

im working on it! just need to sell the CX turbo then the space is yours! :P
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Post by DLM »

Back to the original subject, the same BX is back again (surprise, surprise), and the high bidder is again zero-feedback, registered in the last 3 weeks.

It appears that the previous ""winner" , of similar provenance, "went abroad" suddenly, so got left neutral feedback to add to to the -3 acquired recently..... one of which was acquired bidding for another lhd car.

The "winner" more than quadrupled the previous high bid. Go figure - if needed.....

And by the way, the car seems to have no MOT - and a winning bidder must send £200 deposit ASAP to get a new one....

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Post by ken newbold »

Is this the same car back again? se my posting "bx with aircon"
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Post by cavmad »

And by the way, the car seems to have no MOT - and a winning bidder must send £200 deposit ASAP to get a new one....[/quote]

You`d be better off setting fire to your money than doing that.
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