As seen on the Freeads website

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As seen on the Freeads website

Post by mikesg »

Saw this on Freeads just now. I didn't think they made 'em that late. I'm trying to get more info, just as a matter of interest of course.

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Post by jeremy »

they went on making estates for a while - but this one must be one of the last. Its probably got a steel bonnet and may have a few strange bits as they were made from what was available. There's even a rumour that one or two 1.9 turbos were made as the 1.7 turbo engine was out of production but no-one's ever seen one! Just after I got my 1.7TD in 1999 I did see an advert for one for sale with a trader in the Bournemouth area and he went to great and otherwise unnecessary length about this being a 1.9. I rather think he was genuine as the price was about normal for a good one.


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Post by AndersDK »

Mine is registered as a 19TRD - being a genuine 17turbo (engine code A8A - 7TE).
I've even seen a few adds on 19turbo diesel - with engine code specifically mentioned as A8A 8)
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Post by DLM »

There were a few in the UK that hung around unregistered in the dealers for a while - all the more likely if they were petrol rather than diesel. Thin RP number - if you can obtain it from the seller - will give you the date of manufacture, as opposed to the date of registration.