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Buy or sell parts etc. Please put 'Wanted' in the title if it is a request for parts.
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In our cases I think it is just called hoarding my missus always tells me off for it but i just cannot resist they are like magnets to me. :lol:
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Vanny wrote:does that mean you have an almighty huge box of litle green cubes
Green ones, Blue ones, purple ones, black ones.

Those, and enough blade fuses to keep the whole of dorset going for several milennia!

oh, and 12 engine's worth of working XUD glowplugs. :shock:
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Like the rest of you, I used to keep quite a stockpile of various oddments from my many visits to the scrap yards, sadly alot of the scrapyards down here now offer a removal service, so you cannot actually get the part off by yourself (helping yourself to a few pocket fillers at the same time). There was a time where I never needed to pay for any bulbs as I had a tin full of them!!, same with fuses, I have a small tub full of them.

Mind you this is not helped by the fact that Citroen BX's are rare as hens teeth in the scrapyards down here - the odd Xantia crops up and 2 of the better scrapyards have my number in case a BX comes in - I still phone up regularly, just in case they forget to phone.......

After being made redundant again I actually considered starting up a French 2nd hand parts service, looked into renting a small industrial unit and everything - missus didn't want me blowing a large chunk of my settlement on 'cars' though - women, what do they know - this time next year I could have been a millionaire!!.

Having previously owned a Pug 505 family estate I soon founf out that alot of electrical parts were common to the BX, had problems with the central locking, so found a readily available stock of spare parts. Mind you this was a number of years ago.

Thank you all for your help anyway.

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Im slowly getting there, my large garage is getting quite full :shock:
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