CHEAP BX 19RD For Sale

Buy or sell parts etc. Please put 'Wanted' in the title if it is a request for parts.
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CHEAP BX 19RD For Sale

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Ivory Cream in colour, a 5 door saloon, 1.9 Roto Diesel, 1988 F-reg, 115,000 miles and has been adapted to run on 50% straight vegetable oil which saved me £400 in fuel costs in 1 year! Most driving has been done on long distances up and down from Oxford to Cornwall where she cruises nicely. I have a fairly concise service history and have done loads of work to the hydraulics. MOT'd in January. TAXed till end of September.

Recent new clutch and clutch cable. Dent in drivers door but electric window still works fine. Have been told slight noise from engine compartment when clutch pedal released could be main output shaft bearings in gearbox. This is probably the cause of slight judder when you pull away, though car drives fine generally. Sunroof leaky but then again they all do. I have taped mine up!

You can either drive this car into the ground as a very cheap economical motor, OR fit a second hand gearbox and drive it for another 2-3 years! It is too good to send to the scrap yard just yet...

Please pass this mail onto anyone you think might be interested.

ANY Offers welcome.

PLEASE DO NOT REPLY BY E-MAIL AS HAVE LIMITED MAIL NET ACCESS. Phone instead on 07773331481 / 01367 860186.

Andrew Hancock, Near Swindon.