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Buy or sell parts etc. Please put 'Wanted' in the title if it is a request for parts.
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its another of those clever grey areas! This rule was introduced to allow repair garages to take cars for a test at an MOT station, and it is the only circumstance in which you can drive without tax or MOT (cos if you had no MOT and no tax but the car was sound it would be a bit daft to block roads with a track, trailer, and drivable car). However this is when the problems start.

There is no where that i have seen that states the MOT must be carried out LOCALLY, and under the rules of the road there is actually very little to stop you doing exactly this! Well except for the Police. Because its such a grey area each officer and each difference force will deal with it differently, however the 'rule of thumb' that seems to be used is if the Police officer knows the garage, road the garage is on, or the general area that the car is going to then they will simply le tyou continue (unless the car is obviously dangerous or you look like a crook!). Traffic cops will often give you a free MOT at the side of the road, but should it fail your car will become a cube!

Then there is the other issue, insurance! Social and domestic insurance will only cover you if the vehicle is taxed, MOT'd and you hold a valid license, this means if you drive it round the corner to the garage without MOT or tax you are techinically uninsured! Bugger!

Ebay now offers 7? day insurance for free on all cars purchased through Ebay, having never seen the policy i wonder if will cover you for this exact issue? might be worth asking?

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Insurance companies let you drive TO an MOT station without an MOT but not back from it if the car has failed.
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That Visa GT's up to £11.50 now! :roll:
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This thread may help: ... hp?t=17010

Very thorough discussion - with input from a traffic cop.