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Cool I just bagged a new unused BX remote plipper and receiver codded to match off ebay!

So is just a case of plug and play?

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The plip controller is connected instead of the near side door key switch (Plip cars have a dead n/s front door lock)

Look under plip for Infra Red remotes - as fitted to BX as standard. The PDF (TEA...) seems to be the official phillips handbook for the system.

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I discovered today that the reason the higher spec models dont central lock from the passenger side is simply down to a lack of a sensor! It should be inbuilt into the back of the lock motor but on the passenger side its not fitted.

If you take a lock mechanism from a drivers door (has two connectors) and fit it to the near side you'll find there not sided, and the cabling is already there (three wire white connector)! And then you have central locking from both doors, EASY :D

Oh and if thats not fun enough, i figured out how stupidly easy it is to fit magic one up one down to the passenger side with control from the driver side :D