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Guys, im thinking ahead here, im soon to be gettting the Mk1 16TRS Auto roadworthy, the exhaust is fitted as its new bonnet and headlamp. It will no doubt need a few bits for its mot as the rear of one sill is a bit crumbly.
I will change the oil and filter, plugs, leads and airfilter as a matter of course, its not long had a new power steering rack and 2 front tyres before I got it.

After its MOT'ed and Ive tidied the body up a little (its got a few bits on the bottom of the doors and on one wing as you would expect being over 20 year old) Does anyone fancy taking it on? (you get 3 spare doors too!)

Good points are that it will have 12 Months mot, its runs very well and the suspensions lovely, the interior is unmarked (I vaxed it), everything works and there is NO rust on the inner wings or door pillars.

Any interested parties let me know, it has to go to a good home or I will keep it. Its not mint and probably wont ever be but inside is so retro!

Im not looking for a huge amount for it just to recoup the money I will have spent which is about £250 inc the price of the car.

Getting rare now!

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Tempting, Tim. But not for me at least for a few weeks! What sort of economy do you get out of it? And what colour is it?

Any pics???
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tim leech

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Economy I dont have a clue Phil, I havent done more than 20 miles in it lol, Its silver, no pictures at the monnet as shes not looking her best! I will take some when ive t-cutted and polished it and tidied the bottom of the doors up.

Im not looking to part with it until end of July time anyway. Or someone could by it now as is they really wanted but I doubt it.

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Not for me I`m afraid Tim (financial restrictions and all that) but I take my hat off to you for saving another BX and it sounds like excellent value for money to me.
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It would have been scrapped I imagine otherwise, I have no where to keep it really but if i can make it useable for then someone to take it on without needing much work on it then its all been worth it. As usual I will make a loss on it :oops: