16v Wheels.

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tim leech

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Just the paint thats different matey!

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hang on it htought it was more like;

Gti - all silver - 6j - 185 width
ph1 16v - black with silver rim - 6.5j - 195 width
ph2 16v - black - 6.5j - 195 width

the laloys on mine are totally silver, 6j and 185 width tyres, thoguht they where GTi?

tim leech

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No mate all phase one gti wheels were silver the same as on yuors and mien but just a wider rim, phase two only were the two tone alloys

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tim leech wrote:The alloy wheels on a 8v and 16v are slighly different widths as far as Im aware.
"Normal" alloys are 5.5". 16V's had 6" rims. Although they are near identical to look at, the wider 16v rim does it for me. the 5.5" just looks limp!
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