Buy or sell parts etc. Please put 'Wanted' in the title if it is a request for parts.
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I have had to replace the alternator on my 1.9 Diesel and have the dodgy one going begging if anyone wants it - I do not have the time to strip it down to find the problem, so if no one wants it, it'll be dumped.

The problem is it doesn't alway show up on the dashboard lights and needs a higher rev limit to start charging I dont have a rev counter on my RD so I would estimate around 4000 revs.

Put it this way the light goes out when I get ready to change gear and I dont cane it ( be honest oil-burner, how can you)

Years ago I used to buy new brushes and replace the diodes and all that jazz, but sadly don't have the time. Normally these are an exchange part, so if someone needs a duff one to get a good un there you go.

Thing is I am in Ipswich, Suffolk, so would need to post it and it will cost about £12, so if someone wanted to go 50/50 Id split the postage with them.

Anyway, let me know if u want it, am only asking as I know you all like to tinker - owning a Citroen means you have too!!!!!!
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