Bit of a Odd Ball!

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tim leech

Bit of a Odd Ball!

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About 10 miles from me if anyone wants me to take a look!

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Rather liked that. 105,000 miles is a lot for a 14 but a LHD smoker for home sounds like a good idea and it should turn out cheap, 'cos it is on UK plates so the usual riff-raff won't be buying it for avoiding the law. I have a decent BX already, and I haven't worn it out, so I do not need another. (Which is a shame.)

tim leech

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If its £1 It will be coming home with me!

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105k is nothing for a TU....they're stronger than the XU's all round. More simple to work on too, they're still using them today.

Had an AX GT with 149k on it a while back, same engine bar the carb. Ran like a beauty but the suspension collapsed around it and it failed the MOT big time!

BX 14's are good cars*. Not as thrifty as you might think, but they're as good as a 16 all round easy.

* Excluding early XY pap in my opinion!
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The current high bidder is also winning the listing for the sun roof deflector, might be worth telling him of our presence?
Incidentally someone should ask the seller of this BX if he can stand a bit further away from the car next time :lol:
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tim leech

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Lol i may go take a look at this car myself!