BX TZD estate 89,000 only, needs home

Buy or sell parts etc. Please put 'Wanted' in the title if it is a request for parts.
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BX TZD estate 89,000 only, needs home

Post by richjenn » Wed Oct 04, 2006 11:46 pm

My 1992 (J) BX TZD turbo estate needs a home.
It's just failed it's MOT (still covered on old one till 17th Oct), on rear suspension arm bushes, and corrosion on the subframe mounting prescribed area.

Otherwise, a sound car, WITH THE MOTOR OF YOUR DREAMS!!!
It has a Garrett turbo, Rotodiesel pump, done only 89k miles, and goes like a rocket - the fastest TZD I've ever driven.
Tractable from rest,and from 2200rpm it takes off like a Saab petrol turbo.
Great for upsetting BMW owners at the lights!
A local motor (Devon), it has served me well for 3 years.

My girlfriend has just passed her test, and I bought another TZD and have tarted it up for her, but then we inherited a newish Jap hatchback from a relative, and she prefers that! (Oh well!)
So we have 3 cars, one must go, and having just done up the other TZD, it makes to keep that one and let the rocket ship go.
I would sort it out and sell it with a ticket, but I'm quite poorly right now, and don't have the energy to do it, and am reluctant to pay a garage to sort it when a competent DIYer could sort it for the cost of the bearing kit and a bit of welding.

The garage estimate is:
Bushes: £64 parts, £152 labour.
Welding: £84 for both sides.
Adjust headlamp aim: £5

That's it! so you can see it would be great for a handy type.

Other good points:

Interior is very smart, black velour, a different planet from the old stretchy nylon ones, looks like new when hoovered!
Exterior scrubs up smart, (anthracite metallic), even with its fair share of scratches and fades.
Had new Octopus 10k miles ago - £300
New Alternator 3k miles back.
Has had recent acccumulator, cv boots, and timing belt was done at 51k.
It starts first time every time, and astonishes with parsimoney with fuel.
Rear parcel shelf present and correct, heated window and rear wiper all working, Sony stereo.
Have fair bit of history, did get a DVLA printout but this has gone astray. Have MOT's since 1998, and all adds up.

Not so good:

Tailgate glass was broken Nov last year, easiest solution to change the tailgate, when one arrived from breaker it turned out to be mid-grey metallic, NOT anthracite - fitted it meaning to spray it in, but looks so well that haven't bothered to.
N/s rear wheel arch patched for last MOT, not been sprayed in - and the window surrounds have done the usual BX fade to grey.
I've put the best tyres on the other car, so the tyres are getting thin.
Handbrake a bit feeble. Clutch needs adjusting.

The car came with ABS, the unit was removed and I've run it since I've had it without. Unplugged it works like a non-ABS car (I've been driving BX's without ABS for years without problems), and you don't have the hassle of wheel sensors giving probs every few months. Unit with car, 5 minutes to plug back in if you wanted to, and you'd need to re able dash light.

I reckon this car would go on for ever - they are astonishingly tough old birds.
If you wanted a good engine / gearbox for another car, this would be ideal - it's got another 200,000 miles in the motor, and you can try the engine out in the car and know how good it goes, which you can't do with one from a breaker!

I'd be delighted to discuss, advise, etc - drop me a personal message with your phone number (landlines please - mobiles cost loads to call!).
I'll try and sort out some pics, but the ideal thing would be to come and view if you're not too far.
I'm in Devon, 20 miles from Exeter, off the A38 to PLymouth.

Tax ran out 30 Sept, SORN in force, MOT till 17th Oct as mentioned.


(Maybe I should buy a Micra after all.............)

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Post by ed4ferrets » Sun Oct 08, 2006 6:57 pm

PM sent on the 5th, please respond. ----^
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Post by Kitch » Mon Oct 09, 2006 4:45 pm

Motor of my dreams? :lol:

Its a diesel mate