Very Straight BX Mk1 suitable for restoration - Going..going

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Very Straight BX Mk1 suitable for restoration - Going..going

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I went to see this BX Mk1 today - a time-warp 16RS automatic in metallic light blue, with MW/LW radio (!) and aftermarket rear belts. ... =457570717

It's an extremely straight car, with an equally straight seller, who I think will accept a bid of £50 or more. There aren't many this old and this capable of restoration.

The bodyshell is in amazing nick for a 1985 BX - the inner wings are very good: better than many younger BXs I've seen, and the only bodywork corrosion I can see is a tiny patch at the very bottom of the n/s rear wheelarch, and a small amount of bubbling in one spot under the rear seat. This is not surprising as the body was extensively rustproofed (Ziebarted).

The doors are corroding around the corners, but could easily be replaced. The interior is good, apart from the driver's seat cushion, a minor tear in the dash, and a replacement window winder at at the rear. It has the original handbook and quite a lot of history.

It wasn't possible to start while I was there, but the seller assures me it ran briefly yesterday, and I see no reason to disbelieve him. It has a Weber carb, and the hydraulics pumped up immediately on the starter.
Exhaust system all there, but might not last much longer. Tyres will need replacing, but rims are good, with original Mk1 trims. Pipes are all there, but suspect front-rears will need replacement at some time in the future.

It's be a shame to see this one broken, as it has the makings of a very
and restorable Mark 1. Ending later today, but contact me if you wish to communicate with the seller after that, as the current bidder is unlikely to get near the reserve.
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