or how about one of these?

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ken newbold
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or how about one of these?

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How do you fancy downgrading to one of these, ( I know I'll probably be shot with sh1t for this) :oops:

http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/1987-CITROEN-CX-2 ... dZViewItem

Or maybe I should have listed this under the worst car I have owned!
Space on these pages does not permit me to tell you the number of things that went wrong and or fell off in the short time I had one.
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I love the CX! Recently sold my CX 25 GTi Turbo 2! (Petrol) Most of all i miss the turbo sound and having one of the worlds longest badges! There is nothing else like a CX!

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what about a tank? there pretty similar :lol:

Stewart (oily!)
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I think it was the CX that started the rot for me, when I was working overseas in the 80s i visited the palais des expositions to see a motor show, the citroen stand had the CX in various poses, I ws hooked, I was tyhen given a lift in one a couple of times, like a spaceship, fantastic motors.
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