BX TZD Turbo - For grabs

Buy or sell parts etc. Please put 'Wanted' in the title if it is a request for parts.
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BX TZD Turbo - For grabs

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Hi All. New on here but Old to citroen...

BX 17 TZD Turbo up for grabs. 1992 K reg (NO alloys, or wheel trims at that point)

Graphite Grey, 85k showing on the clock, slightly smokey on start up, but I think its either fuel running back a little or a dickey heater plug, its fine when warm, anyway, head was totaled when I got it, ZERO compression, so junked the head, fitted a 1997 Xantia turbo head, Xantia turbo and runs lovley when warmed, sourced a rad at last, and fitted rear spheres, so nice and soft all round. Going for MOT soon, reasonably well shod all round too.

Now, All windows work, CL works WITH FOB too, works as well, sunroof works manually, but I have a new motor to fit it, ABS, works too!! (WOW), front struts are a little sticky unfortunally, and I think the rear height corrector linkage is a little seazed too.... Body work is good except for rear drivers side door, got a dent that may push out.. How more honest can I be.. um, oh rear arms are leaning a little but not too bad, seen a lot worse.. Reasonable exhaust throughout too...
I will MOT the car, and even prehaps use it while repairs to my other cruiser is done, but it is up for grabs, and looking for the 250 mark for it..

Sorry to have bored you a bit, honesty is the best policy..
Interested.. any viewing welcome, can post piccies if you want to see.

Thanks for getting this far.

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Hi Paul, welcome to the site & glad you got to find this forum o.k. I`m sure you`ll sell your car without too many problems. Plenty of people with spares about, I have two struts here which are allegedly in good order if you get stuck.
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