Heater cable woes (and neighbours' kids!)

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Heater cable woes (and neighbours' kids!)

Post by mountainmanUK »

Not having a good day today :evil:

Decided to investigate the reason Monica was permanently blowing hot air at me (a right b**ger in this warm spring weather!).

Removed the control knobs, panel, etc. without problems, and spotted the reason for all the heat! The clip holding the Hot/Cold Bowden cable is completely missing!!!!!

Had a good look around to see if it was just lying around somewhere on top of the radio etc, but no signs of it.....I guess it's been off for a while.

So........my request!!! :D

Has anyone got a spare clip anywhere in their spares box, or could point me towards a supplier to buy a new one? Pretty please! :wink:

While I had everything apart I thought I'd do the standard heater panel modification (Solder & cut). At least THAT went smoothly, although I can't check it out properly until I put everything back together, which won't be until I get that Bowden cable clip!

Went back into the house for a brew, five minutes tops, when a neighbour came knocking on the door to tell me that a little sh*te from down the street...all of 9 years old.....had just gone down the street with a big knife in his hands, scraping the point along all the cars parked there!! :twisted:

I rushed out to see that there are four BIG gouges along the passenger side of Monica....rear wing panel, both doors, and front wing! :twisted:
http://i71.photobucket.com/albums/i134/ ... P_0014.jpg
http://i71.photobucket.com/albums/i134/ ... P_0012.jpg
One of the best features of Monica is that her paintwork is still totally original (and pretty good too!). Now I will have to do some serious touching-up, which will inevitably detract from her overall worth!

The Police had already been called, and they took all the details, including witness statements from people who actually saw him holding the knife as he passed the cars. He is already well-known to them, but due to his age they say there is very little that they can do, in spite of his criminal damage! GRRRRRRRRRRRRR! I hate living on this street!!!! :twisted:

At least I was a little luckier than the chap at the top of the street, where he started! His BRAND-NEW, 2 DAY old, Hyundai Getz not only got scratched and gouged, but had its front tyre stabbed by the little bas*ard!


I'm going to open my bottle of 12 yr old Lagavulin tonight.....I need it!!

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Post by jeremy »

It may be worth trying an independent motoring /car accessory shop. Some have boxes of miscellaneous clips, screws, nuts, springs, etc. Clips for bowden cable ends aren't specifically a Citroen item so you may be lucky. Halfords may have the things in bags.

You may find you are able to retrieve it with a magnet - I seem to remember having fun when I dropped one on the ZX but was able to find it with pickup tool which was a magnet on the end of a telescopic shaft like a radio aerial.


Post by mountainmanUK »

Thanks Jeremy!
I'll try a couple of local accessory shops. It's good to hear that they're not a Cit-specific item! :D

Retrieving it isn't a problem......it ain't there at all!!!! I checked all around everywhere, even under the edges of the footwell carpetting. No signs of it, so it probably 'pinged' off during a previous ownership.

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Post by stuart_hedges »

Sorry for your troubles mountainman. I live on a bit of a rough estate too and have had stuff like that happening - I've been lucky so far, but my housemates less so :(

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Post by docchevron »

Yet another good reason why unruly kids should be culled, along with their L&B smoking burberry clad chav parents.. tossers.

If you get stuck for a clip mate PM me your address and I'll pop one in the post!

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