BX 19GT rare

Buy or sell parts etc. Please put 'Wanted' in the title if it is a request for parts.
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BX 19GT rare

Post by kiwi »

Saw this one on Trademe and am looking for more information it before I go and give it a new home. Sent the seller a email asking a few question just see what his response is and what knowledge or lack of he should have.

http://www.trademe.co.nz/Trade-Me-Motor ... 179404.htm

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Post by Kitch »

You should definately give it a new home. It's got metric alloys! Expensive tyres, and questionably styled wheels in general. But how cool?! 8)

There was only 50 or so GT's in the UK at last count (3 years ago) so god knows how many are over there.
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Post by toddao »

what? 150 quid. Get it in quick son! It's got 'electrics all over it' too! Only ever seen those wheels in a brochure. Must be one of the first BXs to have emigrated :D

edit - how can it be a BX19 GT with a 1500 engine though? Should be obviously 1900. Also no GT badge to be seen on the front there. Still a Mk.1 of course..

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Post by stuart_hedges »

Thirded. Buy it!

tim leech

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