19RD Estate

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19RD Estate

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Copied from the CCC Forum:

Paid a visit to my local 2cv specialist this afternoon, in his yard was a very tidy looking F reg BX wagon - very clean inside & out, no rust that i could see - was assured that the underside is practically mint. The suspension is in full working order, it's on the button & runs like a dream!

Red in colour, it could certainly use a good going over with a cutting compound, followed by a damn good waxing. The odometer shows 106k on the clock & there's no reason to doubt that at all. It's a Plymouth registered car & appears to have spent it's life in the area - it still sports matching front & rear 'Pat Wilson & Co' dealer plates - a very helpful Citroen dealer that closed many moons ago.

Being picky, there's a slight knock on the N/S/R bumper & a slight crack in the light cluster. Also the N/S/F fog/driving lamp is missing, the wiring appears to be intact.

If i didn't have so many cars, i'd have bitten his arm off. The price: £150! Oh, it's MOT'd till December, he doesn't see why it shouldn't fly through again...

If interested call Graham Wilson, he's based at the '2cv Workshop' Callington, Cornwall. Landline: 01579 389181 or Mobile: 0777 362 5124. Tell him Neil sent ya!

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BX Estate at Callington

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Called Graham today as I only read this post this morning, Gutted to hear that he GAVE IT AWAY last week because he couldn't shift it. I'll have to be quicker off the mark next time.

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