Non BX - For Sale - Laptop

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Non BX - For Sale - Laptop

Post by PiLsY. » Mon Oct 15, 2007 12:31 pm

*Mods, if its not ok for this advert to be here please let me know and I will remove it immeadiately. Thanks!*

6 months old. 4 1/2 years warranty left (5 year warranty cost £350 on purchase). Unfortunately not transferable but I will act as intermediary if any warranty service is needed. Brilliant condition apart from one small scratch on the front edge approx 1" long. Does not impair function in any way, only mentioned as its the only mark!

Toshiba Tecra M5.
Intel Centrino Duo Dual Core T2300E processor
Intel 945 PCI-E chipset
Has wireless network, wired network, bluetooth, firewire, card reader, usb's all over, pcmcia slots, fingerprint scanner and software, office 2003 pro, windows xp pro, power dvd software, nero burning software.
14.1" XT high res low power screen, 60gb hard disk, nvidia quadro graphics (7xxx series), cdrw / dvd rom.
Also included: microsoft laptop mouse (£15) and laptop bag (£55), Kensington lock - unused (£20) and external vga cable (£10).

Currently has 512mb ram but I have an upgrade I bought for it so for an extra £40 it can be upgraded to 2gb (2048mb).

Tends to get between 2 and 3 1/2 hours of battery in one go depending on how hard you're working. I'd recommend the upgrade on ram as with all the toshiba software running its a tad slow to load with 512mb.

The whole package including warranty minus memory upgrade cost nearly £1300 new at easter this year. I'm only selling this as a last resort as I desperately need to raise some cash. There is nothing at all wrong with this laptop and it's served me proud. The fingerprint scanner software is brilliant, it can be used to log in to the laptop as well as secure files. Its really quick being dual core and has played every game ive thrown at it acceptably (even the latest stuff). I'm including the software that came with it, full licence of office 2003 pro and windows XP pro. If there's any warranty issues I will return it on your behalf under warranty as unfortunately this is not transferable. Still, what they don;t know can't hurt. Please note, this is a mechanical warranty only, not accidental damage or data recovery. However, these are VERY reliable machines and I'd be surprised if there was any issues.

I'm hoping to raise enough to cover my overdraft and hopefully a service on the car, but I need this sold by Friday. No ridiculous offers please, but given the urgency of my situation I may be in the position to accept anything. I need cash only and it needs to be in my hands as soon as humanly possible (can deliver and collect given the circumstances for fuel fee only, which will likely be cheaper than postage anyway).

I have a minimum figure which I need to raise that only I know and I'm not spilling the beans on, but if I get £500 I will be as happy as this situation will allow .

Pictures will follow when my housemate gets back with his camera phone. Please spread the word as well if you can guys as im a touch desperado here...