Not a BX!

Buy or sell parts etc. Please put 'Wanted' in the title if it is a request for parts.
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Not a BX!

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Right, after hankering after an XM for ages I finally got one. 1993 Metallic green 2.0CT turbo petrol estate with manual box. Running and driving, no MOT or tax but failure sheet included. High miles (over 200k iirc) but still in pretty good order and I'd have thought it was too good for parts. I have lost the storage place for my truck plus the space planned for this car and the local garage won't touch it so basically I'm shafted.

I got the car for nothing and paid £100 to have it brought back from Sheffield by a recovery company as I couldn't get there myself within the required timeframe. I do NOT want to see it scrapped or pilfered for the engine by a boy racer as I took it on on the understanding it would be repaired. Open to offers, anything over £100 will be donated straight to Chidren in Need, you can pay it in yourself and I will include a donation myself from the £100 if you see what I mean.
Because I don't want to get it scrapped I'm suggesting the bottom price of £100 as it would fetch nearer to £200 after being weighed in and the cat and the alloys weighed in seperate so hoping someone will save it. I really do not want to put it on eBay and end up in the hands of a scrapper or 205'er and I'm hoping someone could take it on.
*I can supply proof of the cost of having it delivered here should anyone wish to see it.

Also delivery within about 40 miles of Chester could be arranged at cost if wanted.

Needs to go soon, please save it and do your bit for Children-in-Need whilst you're at it.

Pictures and/or further details on request.

Price is negotiable as the donation amount and a good home are more important than anything else.
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