Cheap body panel's

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Cheap body panel's

Post by nstarmore » Sun Nov 18, 2007 10:20 pm

I've been having assistance with work on my BX this weekend from a local CCC member who has been breaking this black 1990 GTi:

Most of the car has gone now (nearly all of the interior went into my car :shock: ) but there are a few perfectly straight body panel's left that may be worth something to someone.

The bonnet, tailgate (with spoiler) and the 2 rust free offside doors are available very cheap to anyone who wants to come and collect.

I don't know the exact colour or paint code but if you're interested pm me and I'll pass you Geoff's detail's, the cars going to scrap later on in the week so if you want them be quick and Geoff will take them off the car and put them aside for you.

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