Sophie rides again!!!

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Sophie rides again!!!

Post by Mothman »

Got the old girl going again.

Managed to get a brand new fuel primer head and filter combined from Lenco, stuck it on and away we went. Zakly the same as before so didnt need to bodge anything, all the fuel pipes just screwed back in ok.

Have changed the oil, all the filters and recored the rad and she now sounds sweet as a nut, starts easily and runs just fine.

Done the 'Italian' tune up to Lamberhurst and back and she went just fine.

Now going to put her on axle stands, wheels off and clean, scrub and derust followed by copious amounts of waxoil.


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Post by Tim Leech »

Great stuff! :D
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Post by Dollywobbler »

I'm envious. My Mk1 is just sitting on the driveway filling up with rain. No tinkering time, nor driving time! Can't wait to get my garage back...


Post by Mothman »

Thanks guys, and also for the info re air getting into the engine via the busted diaphram. Once known an easy fix.

She goes like a 'goodun' now, just got back from the pub having driven her quite well with no worries at all. I think the air leak had been going on a while as she now runs so much better. Whilst the weather holds in my part of the world ile run around in her for a bit, certainly until they start gritting.

Sorry to hear about the Estate bud, perhaps a tarp over her would ease your mind. Hurry up and sort the garage!!


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Post by Defender110 »

Spot on, glad you got it sorted. I never doubted it being that simple they are really quite bombproof if all the levels are monitored and tining belts done at correct intervals.
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Post by mat_fenwick »

Dollywobbler wrote:My Mk1 is just sitting on the driveway filling up with rain.
Well, on the bright side at least it can drain back out again! :P If you fancy heading up here for a tinkering session once the floor is down I can lend a hand/tools.

Well done Andy, it's very satisfying when a job goes to plan! :D

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Post by Dollywobbler »

Thanks Mat (sorry Andy for the off-topic!). Might well take you up on that when it comes to wishbones...

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Post by citronut »

good to hear your sortted Andy

regards malcolm
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