F172 DEG squashed in Cambridge

Tell us about BXs you have spotted on the road, or BXs/parts spotted for sale including eBay finds.
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F172 DEG squashed in Cambridge

Post by jamescarruthers »

Peered over the wall at a scrap yard as I was going past on Newmarket Road, Cambridge. Was rather surprised to see a BX estate! F172 DEG was at the top of a pile waiting to be squashed further.‎

Looks like it's been off the road for 20 years.

Poor old thing!‎
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Re: F172 DEG squashed in Cambridge

Post by Tim Leech »

Would have been 9 years old when last used
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Re: F172 DEG squashed in Cambridge

Post by rutter123 »

I suspect this is one of many that have been cleared from a house in Long Sutton-just up the road from me, the guy had several bx's buried in the undergrowth Inc at least 2 complete white estates, a blue 16 hatch and at least 3 red 19d and various Xantia's , Transit vans old Ford's, Vauxhall's, Morris Minors and apparently loads more lay hidden around the back, I did notice that a lot had been cleared from the front of the house a few months back. I called into the house a few years ago but the funny old bugger was very reluctant to sell any parts, I remember seeing stacks of bx bonnets, wings, wheels etc etc, I suspect the old guy has passed on and the site is being cleared for re-development. I'm sure that red Ford KA in the pic prob came from the same site.
Another bx bites the dust.
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