Thank **** for springy bumpers

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Thank **** for springy bumpers

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Was stood at a junction last week,when the muppet in front of me hit reverse and buried his car 3 inches into my front bumper :evil: After much cursing and swearing,I realised that the bumper was only very slightly damaged(slight crack in paint) :lol: How much stick will they take without serious damage?
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I was in a TZi about a year ago doing 110 kph, when a cross Rottweiler/Ridgeback wandered across in front of us.
I was in the front passengers seat and looking straight ahead I was looking straight at his ugly big boof head. My son, the driver layed about 5 metres of rubber on the road before he hit him, full on at the front.
He took out a headlight and a parker, bent the area behind the headlight, smashed the number plate cover but the bumper copped a few cracks and the paint went everywhere but he's still driving around with the busted bumper and apart from a few plastic welds and a repaint, it should come up like new.
I also know a guy out here whose sister in law came home one night a bit sozzled, tried to climb over a locked gate, overbalanced and landed on the bonnet of his Tri and it also never dented or cracked, so they are pretty tough.
Part I can't figure, is how can a company that can make such almost indestructable plastic external parts, still manage to make interiors that will disintegrate before your eyes :?: :?: :?:

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