Ecotek Valve

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Ecotek Valve

Post by moremeba »

Hello all, i have been given one of the above, i was wondering if anyone has fitted before and could help/advise on how to fit it?

As usual any help greatly appreciated.


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Post by Toddman »

By all accounts they area wate of time.
Don't they just add an extra air bleed into the intake system?

I certainly wouldn't fit one to my valver

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Post by Kitch »

I used to sell em. Almost felt guilty taking £50 for something that doesn't work :lol:
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tim leech

Post by tim leech »

Best way of fitting it is to walk outside and fit it to your wheelie bin!
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Post by Cornishbx16v »

sell it on ebay! someone will buy it as most max power types beleive what they read in the mag!
and they used to love them!

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