Which diesel oil???

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Which diesel oil???

Post by Gareth Wales »

Apologies - I know this is a well-oiled topic
But what's the best oil for the TZD
I change mine at 4,500 plus filter but at only 108K should I be looing at the oil for "high mileage"*** vehicles?

***over 70K :P :roll:
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Post by Vanny »

look at the back of the packet and look for B3 or B5 rating (B4 is for HDi's!). I like Castrol GTD when i can get it cheap, but for the last while (as long as the car has been poorly ick) i've been using Costco's finest 'Chevron' oil (big ish US name) and buying in big drums (5 gallon?), it goes into all the cars (AX, BX's, 405's and even the Picasso) without any problem!

Used to run the AX on old age oil, couldnt see any point at 60,000 though so swapped. I've heard that old age oils are better for seals and the likes, and more tollerant of things like oil ring wear so there could be some point to them!
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Post by Stewart (oily!) »

I have been running my fleet on Morris`s semi synthetic diesel oil, its around £16 per gallon, however recently I have changed to Comma semi synthetic which is the same spec but only £30 for five gallons, I might try some old age oil after my birthday :)
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Post by jeremy »

I use Morris's Turbo-diesel oil in both of our diesel Citroens (BX TD and ZX 1.9D) This is largely because my local accessory shop sells the stuff and its always done an adequate job for me.

The recommendations for older engines were either straight 30 or 40 grade or 20 - 50. The theory is that modern engines like the XU range have tighter tolerances and smaller oilways and can maintain adequate lubrication with a thinner oil like 15/40 as recommended.

I have never seen any claims - I used *** oil and siezed my engine! on any Citroen board. If one oil consistently gives better results in the form of an extra 100,000 miles or so - we'll never know.