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Post by cavmad »

Who's Sid Off? :lol:
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Turns out it was a young bloke, with his girlfriend (or some random bird) in the car waiting for him. He was quite young apparently.

I reckon he's got a 205 GTi and wants the engine personally. He's probably seen it sat there and thought "that'll do nicely in my 205!"

I'm gonna be using it soon, so I think each time I get back I'll block it in with a Fiesta which is alarmed. A hiab won't reach down the back of the driveway....and it'd knock the house on the way out! We'd definately hear/feel it.

Don't have a dog though. Personally I think the only thing a dog can do is act as a deterrent by barking. Most humans could actually get the better of a dog (I had to a few times while being a multi-drop driver) but the difference is humans have fear in those situations and dogs don't, hence the dogs usually scare the humans off.
But they definately raise the alarm.....for that I'd want one, but while I live with parents until the end of the summer, thats not gonna happen :lol:
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My dog barks at everyone, little do they know she wouldnt bite anyone, just a softy with a bark....i tell the local manky kids who drift past the house when they ask"mister does it bite", yeah, she'll take your arm off (hehe)....

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Kitch, i know what your thinking mate.

A few months ago the camper was at the missus house and a bloke in a pickup transit stopped and asked if it was for sale. Looked like a Gipsy to me. I took it home that night.

I was suspicious, a lot of VW T25's go missing in the night. Its not uncommon for them to be nicked, the headlights, wheels, seats and various other bits go missing and the rest of the van is dumped.

A set of lights will sell for £200, wheels £400, seats £300 etc etc. Time, 20 mins and easy money for an unscrupulous bastard who knows the market.
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My Bx was broken into in London, stereo and few bits and bobs nicked, but nothing on the car was broken so they must be a peice of pi$$ to break into....pretty sure they'd be a piece of pi$$ to hot wire too. On that basis, I was always concerned the TD might be nicked and eventually torched...just because it's an easy target. \must admit tho' I have been alot more concerned since the 16v is on the road and parked at the end of the drive. I always make sure the Xantia is parked across the end of the drive so at least it's awkward to nick.
An immobiliser as well as an alarm may ease your worries mate...I paid £40 + p£p for mine. Wouldn't stop it being towed or hiabed but does make like tricky...I think over half the battle is deterring the b@stards..
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Post by docchevron »

ken newbold wrote:
tim leech wrote:My Xantias stored at my mums and she had someone knock at the door asking if it was scrap
Come on Tim - easy enough mistake :lol:
Had you not beaten me to it, ya just know I'd have said the same thing!
Kitchmeister wrote:Personally I think the only thing a dog can do is act as a deterrent by barking. Most humans could actually get the better of a dog
Dont be too sure mate, Jess (now sadly departed) was as soft as a brush around people she liked, but if anyone came near Kate or myself in the slightest threatening way she'd have 'em. She was unbelievably protective of Kate and I never worried about her when Jess was with her.
She WOULD NOT let go and would have fought to the death to protect her.

That said a POLARIS nuclear war head is probably a more assured solution, and I got access to two of them!

The Bandit, in cinema's near you soon wrote: nothing on the car was broken so they must be a peice of pi$$ to break into....pretty sure they'd be a piece of pi$$ to hot wire too.
yes and yes.
Berlines are stoopidly easy to break in to without doing any damage at all, in less than 10 seconds.

As for hot wiring them, you dont even have disturb the steering coloumn shroud, and again, takes less than 10 seconds...
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Post by cavmad »

I suppose it's probably true what people say that if someone wants something badly enough they'll get it. However the more security you have and the harder you make it for the lowlife bastards the better.
I have knocked on people's doors before about abandoned/derelict looking vehicles myself but always leave a landline number and my name with them.
Another trick with some scrap merchants is to ask if you want to sell your vehicle and if you say yes they agree to a price plus a time/day to collect it, then just come round one day or night before that and take it anyway for nothing.
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My TZD sat on the drive for about 6 months and had all the scortes knocking on the door and asking if it was for sale, they were sent away with a flea in the ear

They were going around in gangs at one point but the local plod soon put paid to that

(spent a lot of time checking all their paperwork including the cars they had onboard )

Lots of the vans and trucks that weren’t taxed or insured have been confiscated :lol:

and now were back to the regular scrap collectors

One of these scortes turned up at our house asked “what are doing with the old car ?”

my answer: The same as your doing with that old knackered truck Driving it 8)
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Way2go wrote: I had a caller the other day asking about the caravan (which has happened several times) and you do wonder why as although I haven't used it in years it still gets an annual clean and is glass window vintage. :?
That used to happen with ours - just removed the wheel nearest the hedge - had anybody tried to tow it away it would have dropped off the axel stand and buried itself in the lawn.

Whole front of house is now on CCTV anyway thanks to previous bike and car thefts, second time it happened I discovered it was one of my "patients" - needless to say he got sat on . and when a 20 stone bloke sits on you, you tend to stay sat on until plod arrives.