BX Meteor ’91 H plate 1.6 petrol

Buy or sell parts etc. Please put 'Wanted' in the title if it is a request for parts.
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BX Meteor ’91 H plate 1.6 petrol

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She’s alive!! BX Meteor ’91 H plate 1.6 petrol 90K, previously posted 31/10/08, is up and running. She’s been left outside over winter and had not been started since last May ‘08 but with little effort she burst back to life last Sunday. No tax or MOT (didn’t attempt to renew) and is declared SORN but it is perfect for spares or someone who loves a project.

Good points are the engine is running OK, the doors are rust free and electric windows work, seats in very good condition (plush black with red stripe), tailgate, windscreen, rear light clusters, headlights, sidelights and wing mirrors good, front wings OK except for a scrape on offside wheel arch, bonnet fine although it looks as though it was replaced before my father bought the car about 15 years ago (only one previous owner) and it is not quite the Meteor grey colour. Not so good is the back rear offside panel which looks like it was replaced as there is rust down the seam where it is welded to frame inside the rear offside door area (probably accident damage and it wasn’t under sealed properly). Tyres have had their life as well as most of the exhaust; spheres probably need replacing as well as the battery.

I'm looking for about £80 but happy to swap or part exchange - anyone got an Audiolab 8000? Just don't want to see it crushed.