these must be jolly rare ( original wind deflectors)

Tell us about BXs you have spotted on the road, or BXs/parts spotted for sale including eBay finds.
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Suppose he got a good price for the accessories but i wanted them whatever the price , i already have aftermarket front ones but these are genuine citroen and theres 4 of them in very good condition considering the age of them, as for the engine it was getting in his way and he was pleased to get shot of it i think he said it was out of a mk1 bx 1600 auto with about 40k on it so it is a start to my spare part collection .
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bexxy wrote: and really knows his stuff when it comes to citroens
Indeed he does, which is why it's rather sad that a few people seem to be having a go at an absolute gentleman lately.
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docchevron1472 wrote:
bexxy wrote: and really knows his stuff when it comes to citroens
Indeed he does, which is why it's rather sad that a few people seem to be having a go at an absolute gentleman lately.
Agree totally!

DR is a mine of information on a variety of vehickles, not just Citroen BXs.
He is also an extremely generous and helpful individual, when it comes to finding those elusive parts!

In common with a lot of people in our current society, David gets pissed-off by a lot of the things which are becoming ever-more prevalent in "Britain 2009", such as the totally-unnecessary use of text-speak, and the refusal of a lot of new members to actually read & follow some of the simple rules of Forum-posting!

Keep up the good work, David! It is appreciated! :D

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Wind deflectors.

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I bought front and rears from Eternal car this year for 2 BX's and for the CX Safari. If you want them,mail them via their website on Ebay,they are still available for most older Citroens. The more you buy,the cheaper the postage.
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mountainmanUK wrote:He is also an extremely generous and helpful individual
Unfortunately I might have to disagree...last year I bought an engine from David (unseen). Not only did he want a shockingly outrageous sum for the engine, he wanted money to cover the fuel and his time to travel the 300 mile round trip from where he was visiting in South Wales. And it took him several days before he would be able to deliver!

(In case anyone didn't realise, there *may* have been a trace of sarcasm in the above remarks; the engine is still going strong 18 months later and I'm very grateful to David for his help and the bargain engine.)

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:lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

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mat_fenwick wrote:the engine is still going strong 18 months later
Excellent. That engine always did have plenty of life left in it.. it was the car being crashed into that could have prematurely ended it's life.

I'm also grateful to Mat and his Wife for their wonderful hospitality.
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