For those of us about to post....

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For those of us about to post....

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Whilst this forum is new and in its infancy, some of you will be experienced forum users, some will be first timers. This info is included in the FAQ's - but not everyone reads this before posting.

The information / advice below is valid for all posters, old and new, virgin or experienced!

1) DON’T use text speak – please don’t abbreviate, things like M8y may be ok on mobile phones, but here the wordage is unlimited. In addition the forum is international and English may not be everyone’s first language. Make it as easy as possible for people to understand your post. Please don’t use derisory language either – and defiantly don’t use the forum as a means to slag other members off.

2) USE the search function – rather than keep repeating topics, have a look through the search option to see if your “problem” has been covered before. Have a read through other peoples postings (make use of the Tips & DIY section too) and if you feel that your question still hasn’t been answered – post.

3) Make sure your question (if asking one) or opinion / answer is well thought out, all the relevant info is given (model of car etc) and take a little time over spelling and punctuation. Some users write their post in Word format first, spell check, then copy and paste onto the forum.

4) Make sure photographs are no bigger than 500 x 370 pixels – more than this distorts the forum. As does some remote linking of URL’s. Use photo software to resize (Photoshop, HP Image etc) and upload to a photo-hosting site. Sites like offer free hosting of images for 90 days. Other sites like Photobucket offer indefinite hosting, but are subscription services.

5) Above all – enjoy. We are all here sharing a common interest (the BX in case you were wondering!)