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Bits Falling Off

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Hi Guys
Just thought I'd let you all know whilst overtaking a lorry at high speed on the A75 today I felt a strange vibration with a scraping noise looked in my rear view mirror and spotted the rear half of my exhaust spinning in the road, fortunately no one was on my tail but the gods who decide that money should be spent on the old BX have smiled on me again so I’ll have to get that replaced at the weekend or maybe that answers the question what can the wife buy me for Christmas. :oops:
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A similar thing happened to me in my Meteor last year. First I noticed an intermittent blow from the back... then one morning I set off for work, and while driving down my cul-de-sac, I heard a clonk followed by a scraping sound. I got out and found the rear silencer had fallen off and it was being dragged along by the rubber hanger!! Picked it up, put it in the boot, carried on to work. Later on Kwik-Fit were able to refit it, no problem. There was no rust, it was just that the clamp had come loose. Which I suspect may be the case with my recent ebay acquisition... as the seller says the rear box was replaced at the MOT in April, but it has started to blow...

tim leech

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The exhaust is blowing on the unloved TGD auto that noone wants! but its a new system so will have to get underneath and fix it!
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I was once overtaken by a Bimmer on a dual carriageway, the driver was looking daggers at me? when i was approaching home I wound the window down and noticed things sounding a bit boomy? yup the back box had dropped off and mr BMW must have run it over :D :D I retraced the journey and found the back box, still had all of its silver paint and paper labels on it, just one weld had rotted.
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Was at Kwik Fit the other day (not in my own car I hasten to add!) and there was a Pug 306 there with a hole in the bumper. Seems that when the exhaust falls apart, the back box drops down, hits the road and gets shoved through the bumper. Nice design! 206s do it too apparently.

Or do you reckon a Kwik Fitter made a balls up of removing the back box and poked it through himself? Answers on a postcard...
tim leech

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If the monkeys at yuor local KwiK Fit are as bad as the ones near me then its highly likely!