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Post by ruffgeezer »

Well as you may know, last weekend I collected CitroenCrazy's BX DTR from the outskirts of Leicester.

I've brought it back to the wolds of Lincolnshire and given it a poke with a stick, whilst the mileage is low, the car still needs some work to keep it in good order.

This is she, posing outside my place.

Current plans are a tailgate swap to lose the dodgy heated rear window, and I'll probably put the later spec rear lights on too whilst I'm at it.

The main issues are to have the upper hinge on the driver's door replaced as well as sorting the seals out on the injector pump.

I'd also like a gti/16v front bumper extension should anyone have one.

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Philip Chidlow
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Post by Philip Chidlow »

Nice car there. Hope you enjoy!
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Post by Kitch »

Daily drivers don't get much better i reckon, as all rounders go
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Post by Tim Leech »

Rare motor that now being a DTR turbo, havent seen one for a while. Good save.
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Post by Dollywobbler »

Is it just me that thinks it'd be good to nip to France and get a 'correct' TRD badge? Always amused me that they changed it for our market...

Good save though. They are rather good these BX things I've found.

Post by scarecrow »

Looks very nice. Personally I'd stick with the clear lighting that you have - in my opinion the smoked ones don't look particularly good, or work as effectively.

Good luck with the car :)